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Virginia Tech is a leading institution in the growing field of “big data.” The university offers multidisciplinary opportunities in data and business analytics research and education, with participating faculty from the departments of Computer Science; Electrical and Computer Engineering; Mathematics; Statistics; Business Information Technology; Finance, Insurance, and Business Law; and Accounting and Information Systems. With its strong engineering and science focus, Virginia Tech offers deeply technical undergraduate and graduate programs in analytics, and our faculty conduct leading-edge research in visual and text-based data analytics, machine learning, computational statistics, and data mining. Centers such as the Discovery Analytics Center research knowledge discovery problems in important areas of national interest including intelligence analysis, sustainability, neuroscience, and systems biology. The Center for Business Intelligence and Analytics, applies both quantitative and qualitative systematic analytics to vast collections of business data in order to leverage it for business planning and decision-making. The Social and Decision Analytics Laboratory brings together statisticians and social and behavioral scientists to embrace today’s data revolution, developing evidence-based research and quantitative methods to inform policy decision-making. This website is a clearinghouse for information on our many programs.