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A Lynn Abbot
Associate Professor, ECE
(540) 231-4472
Computer Vision
Alan Abrahams
Assistant Professor, BIT
(540) 231-5887
Extraction of business value using text mining and data mining
Ralph Badinelli
Professor, BIT
(540) 231-7688
Decision modeling and service science
Reza Barkhi
Professor and Department Head, Accounting and Information Systems
(540) 231-6591
Human Computer Interaction, Collaborative Systems and Electronic Commerce
Dhruv Batra
Assistant Proffesor, ECE CS
(540) 231-7561
Computer Vision, Machine Learning
Kevin Carlson
Professor and Department Head, Management
(540) 231-6353
Human Resources Management, HR Metrics and Workforce Analytics
Deborah Cook
Professor, BIT
(540) 231-4847
Business process analysis and improvement.
Jason Deane
Associate Professor, BIT
(540) 231-3752
Unstructured and spatial data analysis, supply chain management, artificial intelligence, and large-scale optimization.
Xinwei Deng
Assistant Professor, Statistics
(540) 231-5638
Interface between design of experiments and machine learning, model and analysis of high-dimensional data, covariance matrix estimation.
Mark Embree
Professor, Math
(540) 231-5960
Krylov subspace methods for linear systems, eigenvalue problems, model reduction, nonnormal operators and spectral perturbation theory.
Patrick Fan
Professor,Accounting & Information Systems
(540) 231-6588
Data/text mining, business intelligence, information management
Edward Fox
Professor, Computer Science
(540) 231-5113
Data, information, knowledge, and libraries digital education, digital libraries, human computer interaction
Lenwood Heath
Professor, Computer Science
(540) 231-4352
Theoretical computer science, algorithms, graph theory, computational biology, and bioinformatics
David Higdon
Professor, SDAL
(571) 858-3120
Space-time modeling; inverse problems in hydrology and imaging; statistical modeling in ecology, environmental science, and biology.
Leanna L. House
Associate Professor, Statistics
(540) 231-2256
Visual Analytics
Bert Huang
Assistant Professor, CS
(540) 231-6772
Machine Learning
Parviz Ghandforoush
Professor, Associate Dean, and Managing Director of MIT
(703) 538-8410
Strategic implications of information technology, electronic commerce, executive decision models
Tabitha James
Associate Professor, BIT
(540) 231-3163
Combinatorial optimization, heuristics, and parallel computing
Juncai Jiang
Assistant Professor, Marketing
(540) 231-6949
Consumer Search, Crowdsourcing Contest, Smartphone Platforms, Online Advertising, Social Media
Sallie Keller
Professor, Statistics and Director of SDAL
(571) 858-3102
Uncertainty quantification, computational and graphical statistics and related software and modeling techniques.
Lara Khansa
Associate Professor, BIT
(540) 231-3752
Advanced statistical analysis, artificial neural networks, and social network analysis
Scotland C. Leman
Associate Professor, Statistics
(540) 231-5441
Visual Analytics
Chang-Tien Lu
Associate Professor, CS And Associative Director of DAC
(703) 538-8373
Text Analytics
Chris North
Professor, CS and Associate Director of DAC
(540) 231-2458
Visual Analytics
Quinton Nottingham
Associate Professor, BIT
(540) 231-7843
Applied statistics, regression, nonparametric regression, logistic regression, time series analysis, and artificial intelligence
Linda Oldham
Professional Lecturer and Executive Director, CBIA
(540) 231-9755
Devi Parikh
Assistant Professor, ECE
(540) 231-6714
Computer Vision, Machine Learning
Douglass Patterson
Professor, Finance CS
(540) 231-5737
Behavior of stock market prices
B. Aditya Prakash
Assistant Professor, CS
(540) 231-30906
Network Science
Cliff Ragsdale
Professor, BIT
(540) 231-4697
Applications of quantitative modeling techniques to managerial decision making problems using microcomputers
Terry Rakes
Professor, BIT
(540) 231-4636
Decision analytics, including data mining, statistics, heuristics, and large-scale optimization
Naren Ramakrishnan
Professor, CS and Director of DAC
(571) 858-3331
Forecasting, Text Analytics
Alla Rozovskaya
Assistant Professor, CS
(540) 231-2646
Text Analytics
Roberta Russel
Professor, BIT
(540) 231-4532
Supply chain analytics, operations planning and scheduling, and healthcare modeling
Onur Seref
Assistant Professor, BIT
(540) 231-7749
Developing linear, nonlinear, combinatorial, and network-based optimization models for data mining and machine learning problems
Steven D.Sheetz
Professor, Accounting and information systems
(540) 231-6096
Object-Oriented Software Engineering, Software Measurement, and psychology of programming
Eric Smith
Professor, Statistics
(540) 231-4801
Multivariate analysis, multivariate graphics, biological sampling and modeling, ecotoxicology, data analytics, and visualization
Alan Wang
Associate Professor, BIT
(540) 231-5074
Business analytics, including social media analytics, text-based data analytics, knowledge discovery, and data mining
Layne Watson
Professor, CS
computer vision, fluid dynamics, solid mechanics, numerical analysis, parallel computation, mathematical software, and bioinformatics.
Zheng Xiang
Assistant Professor, Hospitality and Tourism
(540) 231-3262
Understanding travelers' online behavior and the impact of information technology on the hospitality and tourism industry.
Christopher Zobel
Professor, BIT
Intelligent decision support systems, knowledge engineering, and large-scale stochastic decision problems